A MagSafe Case for the iPhone 15

A MagSafe Case for the iPhone 15
With iPhone 15 series phones costing up to almost A$3000, there is a clear economic imperative to protect yours with a case.


For the iPhone 15, Apple has ditched its black-sheep Lightning port in favour of USB-C.

Its ‘Wonderlust’ event has also revealed that the forthcoming iPhone will feature a better camera and better battery performance, amongst other notables.

What is perhaps least surprising is how much an iPhone 15 will cost. 

Models in the series will start at A$1,499, for the standard model. For an iPhone 15 Pro Max with 1TB storage, they will almost hit A$3,000. 

But hold that thought for a moment and consider this one:

Research has found that 64% of phone users have cracked their phone screen at least once.

There’s a lifetime of ageing to be had in that blink of an interim between a near-A$3,000 iPhone eeling out of our hand and crashing on… let’s say… an unforgiving knoll of bathroom tile (not that you’d ever use your phone in the bathroom).

Of course, there’s a dead simple and dead obvious way to avert these crises: cocoon your iPhone 15 in a phone case.

On that, we’ve just announced that our new iPhone 15 cases are scheduled to ship to you on October 2.

In fact, you can pre-order one right now.

But first, here’s what you need to know about how our new iPhone 15 cases can enhance your iPhone 15 experience.

The iPhone 15 case is compatible with all of JOURNEY's MagSafe-compatible chargers and accessories.


JOURNEY’s new iPhone 15 cases are MagSafe-compatible. That means they contain interior magnets that equip them to align an iPhone 15 with a MagSafe-compatible charger or car charger.

Instead of disrobing your iPhone 15 every time you want to place it on a MagSafe-compatible charger – such as JOURNEY’s ALTI Wireless Charging Desk Mat – you can deliver your device a turbulence-free wireless charge with the case on.

JOURNEY's new iPhone cases are the first to be designed with premium vegan leather.

Vegan leather

As part of JOURNEY’s sustainability endeavours, we have superseded the full-grain leather cases of our earlier-generation iPhone cases with a premium vegan leather alternative. Our new series of iPhone 15 cases, which is sourced from plants, features modern cases that are supple to handle and durable in everyday situations.

To complement our sustainability approach, our new cases also ship in packaging that’s 90% recyclable.

Protection your iPhone 15 deserves.

Keep your iPhone looking new.

A phone case should protect your phone without impeding its function.

Extra protection

The new iPhone 15 cases also feature increased thickness around their edges, for enhanced protection. The phone case edges are a fraction higher too, extending the protection they provide further. On the interior, the cases feature new patterning for shock proofing. Enjoy the peace of mind you derive when you know your iPhone 15 case is specifically designed to protect your phone against all the mishaps and accidents that could see an unprotected iPhone 15 decommissioned.


Due to the popularity of our saddle brown and classic black phone case range, we’ve opted for these colours for the iPhone 15 range too.

Fun fact: Recent research found that more than half of millennials who phone case-match actually match their case with their clothing. JOURNEY’s wardrobe-friendly saddle brown and classic black phone cases feature a lean and clean design that makes a polished impression when you’re out and about or active in the workplace.

Want to pre-order JOURNEY’s iPhone 15 case?

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